What is Videfy?

Ever wanted your photos and videos made into a funny, exciting, romantic, memorable, emotional or funky video, set to your favourite music? Ever wanted to give someone a gift that they will always treasure and remember? Whatever you're thinking, whatever the occassion, or no occassion at all - welcome to Videfy.


Videfy (ⱱɪ-ɗə-fɑɪ) is a unique service that makes a video gift or personal memory easily accessible to you. All we need are your ideas, thoughts and your “stuff” (photos, videos, writings and anything in between).


Videfy life!

You (or someone you care about) might have:

  • a birthday (1st, 21st, 50th, 75th or any in between)
  • an anniversary (did someone say parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary??)
  • Graduation, Valentines's day, Xmas, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • old family photos never looked at or shared
  • a hobby or collection to share, to recognise, to remember


Videfy is a passionate supporter of children's charities. 10% of all Videfy sales is donated to charities supporting parents and families of babies that are born premature or sick.
For more info - see our FAQ


So what now?

  • take a look at the sample videos - they are an indication, but anything is possible
  • lets chat - call or email with your questions, thoughts or demands
  • Don't have much time? Don't know what you want? - that's fine, call or email and we can think of ideas for you, we’ve done this before!
Time is a factor, plan ahead, talk to us now.

Are you ready to Videfy?


We use your existing digital photos, but we can also help you with your printed photos in albums, frames, boxes etc


We use your existing video footage, be it from video cameras or iPhones or even ye olde tapes!


The right music will bring your video to life. You might have ideas about the type of music you'd like to use - talk to us, even if you have no idea - we can help!

The Final Result

We will provide you with a professional DVD case, with a pesonalised cover - you won't be able to wait to gift this to your loved ones!