Frequently Asked Questions

How long would it take to create my video?

That's a great question! Thank you for asking! The answer is - it really depends. It depends on how much "stuff" (photos, videos etc) you have; whether you want to create a single clip of 3-4 minutes, or a multiple clips; it depends on what ideas you have; on whether your old printed photos are already scanned or whether you'd like us to help you digitize (that's just a fancy geek word for "scanning") them; it depends - at the end of the day - on how quickly you need something turned around! - we are flexible and will always try to work to your time lines . Talk to us and we will work together to create a great product for when you need it!


What charities do you support?

Being parents of preemies ourselves, we support the Nepean Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Parents Support (NNICUPS) and the Miracle Babies Foundation - charities supporting parents and families of babies that are born premature or sick.


Nepean Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Parents Support                Miracle Babies Foundation


How do we get started?

Simple! Talk to us - call us, email us, text us - whatever you're comfortable with. We'll get back in touch with you and take it from there.