What do we do?

Using your ideas as guidance, we will create a short (or long) film for you to keep or post for your friends on Facebook, or on YouTube, or to gift to someone you love as a beautifully and professionally packaged DVD (or Blu-Ray - if you’re into that sort of thing!), to surprise, to ignite (or reignite) and simply make people smile (and cry - but in a good way).


We have:

  • the technical equipment (manage hard copy photos, old video tapes etc)
  • the technical know-how (convert analog data to digital and all that other mumbojumbo)
  • the passion (you need it, this stuff takes hours!)
  • the experience (check out samples of our work below)
  • the creative juices (always laughs and often tears... unless you're friends with the Tin Man) 


Samples of our work

sample - G's 2nd Birthday presentsample - 50th Birthday - Collage sectionsample - Felix 30th Birthday Introsample - 21st Birthday video Introsample - G's 5th Birthday videosample - Felix 30th Birthday Video - Collage section